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How to Go About Mold Removal in Helena Business Premises

8/25/2023 (Permalink)

poster what to know abut mold Commercial enterprises know to contact SERVPRO for mold remediation in Helena properties.

Managing Commercial Mold Damage in Helena with SERVPRO®

Mold issues can develop in Helena commercial buildings such as schools, businesses, and organizations, raising significant concerns that must be addressed promptly. Visible mold growth can appear as fuzzy patches, discoloration, or black spots on ceilings, walls, floors, or other surfaces. Problems may arise when microbes start eating away at these materials.

Efficient mold removal in Helena commercial buildings involves identifying and correcting the conditions that permit microbial growth. It should also comprise steps to contain and safely remove moldy building materials. SERVPRO takes precautions to prevent the spread of mold residues during the remediation process. We establish containment barriers using plastic sheeting and use negative air pressure machines to ensure mold fragments are not released into unaffected areas. Also, wearing appropriate PPEs offers protection and prevents cross-contamination when clothing is left in a clean room.

Some of the common problems associated with mold damage

  • Structural damage
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Decreased indoor air quality
  • Aesthetical deterioration

Mold growth on furniture, walls, ceilings, and other visible surfaces can cause discoloration and unsightly patches. This can give an impression of poor maintenance or neglect, affecting your workplace's overall look and professionalism. Also, Mold growth often produces a musty and unpleasant odor that can permeate the workplace, creating an uncomfortable working environment for you and your employees and giving a negative impression to clients or customers.

Mold Cleanup Methods

SERVPRO crews use various cleanup techniques to restore damaged building materials and furnishings caused by moisture and mold problems. The specific method or group of methods we use depends on the type of material or surface affected. However, the primary steps in mold remediation are removing moisture by drying the affected areas, reducing humidity levels, and completely removing contaminated materials.

The following are some methods:

  •  Damp wiping
  •  HEPA vacuuming
  • Use of biocides
  • Wire brushing

SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls ensures effective communication throughout mold removal. Call us at (406) 458-6008. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Helena Buildings

4/15/2023 (Permalink)

sign never use bleach on mold Trust the IICRC-certified technicians from SERVPRO to remove mold and restore your Helena property, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Provides Excellent Mold Remediation

Many Helena consumers and building owners are surprised to encounter mold in their buildings with the prevailing dry environment. They do not realize that mold spores are virtually everywhere. We bring mold spores into our buildings on air currents, attached to our clothes, and on our pets. Mold colonies thrive wherever there is organic material and moisture. Our homes and office buildings provide many opportunities for mold growth. Our facilities are filled with organic materials and high humidity from showering, cooking, and water leaks around windows and condensation on plumbing. Mold removal and preserving almost mold-free conditions can be challenging.

SERVPRO assists our clients with mold removal in Helena and maintaining a safe environment. Our technicians are thoroughly trained (IICRC-certified) in identifying mold infestations and removing mold-contaminated materials. We suggest that you call us and never use bleach to remove mold spots. The added moisture can induce further growth.

Mold Cleanup Processes Depend on the Extent of Contamination

  • Isolation of the contaminated area from the rest of the building
  • Controlled Demolition of contaminated materials
  • Bag in place of all contaminated materials before removal
  • Antimicrobial Products to clean surfaces
  • Sanding of hard surfaces
  • Soda/Media Blasting

Maintaining a controlled environment once the cleanup and restoration have been completed is extremely important. Otherwise, mold colonies will reform. Our technicians can help with recommendations to avoid future mold situations occurring. These include:

  • Maintain humidity levels as low as possible in the range of 30% to 50%
  • Utilize AC and Dehumidifiers to control humidity.
  • Ventilation of high-humidity areas with fans that exhaust outside, such as bathrooms, laundry, and kitchens
  • Repair leaking roofs, windows, and plumbing immediately; Wipe up all moisture.
  • Complete cleaning and drying after flooding, including removal of carpets, under pad, and absorbent materials such as drywall, to avoid mold growth.
  • Avoid using carpets in bathrooms and basements exposed to high humidity and moisture.

Call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls for mold remediation services. We provide service to Helena and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (406) 458-6008.

Carefully Addressing Mold Damage Threats in Helena Properties

3/20/2023 (Permalink)

warehouse with SERVPRO equipment, a technician, and a van Regardless of which room is affected, complete mold damage remediation is essential. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians and the right equipment

Mold Damage Cleanup and Restoration with SERVPRO in Helena Gets Results

Along with the water or moisture issues that brought it on, black mold can significantly impact your Helena property. Once you suspect mildew and mold development, it requires various actions, including remediation with detailed cleaning and repair. The threat to your property worsens the longer that possible microbial threats are unresolved, leading to the potential for costly secondary damage. The good news for area homeowners and businesses is that SERVPRO is available with a whole team of experienced mold remediation technicians that work to clean up the damage and mitigate loss. Once we get finished, your property will receive the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval.

Why Call on SERVPRO with Suspected Mold Damage?

It is not usually not easy to recognize mold issues within your home or business. Should you suspect mold damage in Helena, it is recommended to call in the help of skilled professionals to begin the assessment and cleanup. SERVPRO understands the power of an active mold colony, and we have the best tools, methods, and IICRC-certified technicians to handle your project. In the meantime, the following things that you can look for that may be telling you mildew or black mold is present:

  • Visible Patches – Carpeting, drywall, ceilings, and cabinet interiors may show visible signs of mold colonization. Mold comes in many forms, including black spots, fuzzy gray patches, or pink and green mold (often found in bathrooms near showers and tubs).
  • Dampened Surfaces – Any surfaces located in areas of your home with excessive humidity or stay wet to the touch are prone to microbial growth.
  • Musty Odors – The primary indicator that mold is developing will be musty, foul odors in certain areas of your home. This may include closets, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry where plumbing is located - around tubs, showers, toilets, etc.

Why Does Mold Damage Cause Destruction in My Home?

Many homeowners remain unaware that mold is developing until it has already taken hold. All mold needs the proper temperatures, humidity levels, and organic food sources to survive and thrive. Because some optimum food sources include drywall and wood particles, it can lead to substantial damage to your interior and even structural elements if not controlled.

SERVPRO Has Proven, Efficient, And Safe Mold Remediation Solutions

We arrive on your property to begin an assessment, mitigation, and cleanup. Containment barriers get put into place using poly sheeting and negative air pressure. This gets done to keep spores from traveling into unaffected areas of your home during mold cleanup. We also have to address mold spores on a surface level, including options such as:

  • Surface cleaning – We have sporicidal solutions and chlorine products to help address active mold threats.
  • Abrasive cleaning – In some instances, we have other mediums such as soda blasting to help remove surface mold without causing damage to the building materials.
  • Mechanical actions – Our technicians may use sanding methods to remove a small surface layer from wood framing, often eliminating the need for removal and reconstruction.
  • Controlled demolition – With the help of trusted area contractors, building materials deemed unsalvageable due to mold infestation get removed and replaced with all-new materials. In some instances, partial removal of drywall, flooring, carpeting, and other materials can help to lower your mold remediation costs.

We are Here for Both Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation Efforts

With our ability to scale to meet the needs of each customer, SERVPRO is there for small household mold infestations or more significant commercial properties. We get to work quickly to return your property to pre-mold condition, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls is here whenever you have issues with mold damage. We get there quickly and work safely and efficiently to

Why Should Homeowners Seek Professional Help When There’s Flood Damage in Their Homes?

9/21/2022 (Permalink)

Drawing of drop of water with home floating in flood Flooding quickly causes flood damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

A Professional Flood Restoration Team Helps Dry, Clean, and Disinfect Your Home in Great Falls

Addressing the consequences of floodwaters in your Great Falls home is a job for a professional crew. Recovering from a flood goes further than extracting water and wiping surfaces clean. Experienced water restoration technicians (WRT) can explain the importance of drying, disinfecting, and deodorizing your home following a flood. Whether your whole house is victim to the debris brought in by the flood or it's contained in just one area, rely on the experts for assistance.

In Great Falls, flood damage assistance is available through our SERVPRO crew. Call our 24/7 hotline to access a team of experts who train with industry leaders to provide high-quality remediation services. As we inspect your home to assess the damage, we focus on mitigating your loss and optimizing the resources available to bring your home back to mint condition. With industrial-grade equipment at our disposal, we arrive quickly and jump into action as soon as it is safe.

What is the Best Equipment to Address Flood Damage?

Our SERVPRO team not only has the latest in technology, but we also have the training and experience to use it. We can complete your home's restoration within a reasonable timeframe using an array of water-extracting, deodorizing, and disinfecting techniques. To do so, our staff may bring some of the following into your home:

  • Truck-mounted and submersible pumps to extract large volumes of water
  • Ultra-Low Volume Foggers to disseminate antimicrobial solutions
  • Industrial dehumidifiers and air circulators to promote water evaporation
  • Specialty equipment such as drying mats to address the drying of specific materials 

Flooding is sometimes inevitable where you live, but how you react to it can make all the difference. When it happens, call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008 and let our crew leave your residence "Like it never even happened."

Why Is Drying So Vital After Mold Damage?

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

crawlspace mold damage Don’t let you home become a moldy oldy. Call SERVPRO to remediate your mold damage.

SERVPRO Helps Prevent Mold Regrowth 

Mold spreads quickly throughout your home. One patch of mold can easily produce microscopic spores that enter the air and drift throughout your house, looking for a new place to set up camp. 

SERVPRO understands that we cannot wholly prevent mold from returning when it comes to mold damage in Great Falls homes. The fungus is always present in nature, meaning it can continually re-enter your home.

However, we can make it harder for mold to regrow, and one way to do that is by thoroughly drying the affected area. Mold needs several things to grow: an organic food source, the correct temperature, and moisture. Our drying process includes:

  • Regular and accurate readings so we can assess the situation.
  • A professional drying plan tells us where to place fans and air movers for maximum effect.
  • Use of dehumidifiers to reduce air moisture levels.

Our IICRC trained techs can dry the walls and floors, behind baseboards, crawl spaces and attics, and even personal belongings such as furniture and linens.

For professional mold damage help, call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Damage in Helena Homes

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room by the window Mold can quickly spread from a tiny spot to a full infestation covering up an entire wall. Stay vigilant and contact SERVPRO 24/7.

Removing Mold Damage in Several Ways

Mold is one of the more complex and challenging damage conditions homes might face in their lifetime, specifically because of how many remediation solutions exist. The choice in ideal mold removal tactics gets linked with several factors like the condition of the hosting materials, the severity of the infestation, and the accessibility of the damaged areas.

Is Surface Cleaning Best for Remediation?

Mold damage in Helena properties can sometimes be removed using surface cleaning strategies. When the infestation remains in the outermost layer of hosting materials and does not yet penetrate beyond this exterior shell, the application and agitation of sporicidal agents can be effective. Antimicrobial products can eliminate spores and organisms and provide a barrier for the affected material to ward off additional mold colonies.

Abrasive and Aggressive Mold Removal

As much as we prefer non-invasive strategies for remediation like surface cleaning, this is not always sufficient for the severity of the present problem. In many cases, prolonged exposure to active colonies leaves the hosting materials needing more aggressive and abrasive cleaning methods to penetrate beyond the outermost surface layer for effective mold removal. Media blasting is an efficient approach that incorporates pressurized air or water combined with media like:

  • Dry ice
  • Baking Soda
  • Crushed Walnuts
  • Corn Cobs

Can The Materials Be Preserved and Cleaned?

It is important to assess the condition of all impacted materials to see what options, such as heavily degraded drywall, might not be worth saving. Controlled demolition is the most direct method of mold remediation available. We carefully manage handling contaminated materials to prevent cross-contamination when this mold removal approach is necessary.  

Mold does not have to be a long-standing threat to your home or business. Give our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team a call today to help at (406) 458-6008.

Why SERVPRO is the Trusted Choice for Fire Damage Restoration in Helena

5/21/2022 (Permalink)

smoke coming through the crack beneath the door into another room Many issues remain after the fire fighters leave. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for a custom plan to mitigate the fire damage situation in your home.

Full-Service Fire Damage Mitigation and Cleanup in Helena Are Why SERVPRO Must Be Your Call

The aftermath of a fire is a cleaning and deodorizing challenge like none other in Helena. Fortunately, most homeowners never are forced to rise to the test, but if you and your family find yourselves facing the smoke, soot, odor, and debris, professional help is available. Fire results in incredibly toxic, corrosive, and it is challenging to remove soiling and highly pungent odors, why we invest in comprehensive training in the restoration industry best practices for our technicians. 

Containment to Preserve Air Quality 

One strategy we use to attack the many ways fire damage affects your Helena home is to contain the affected area. Preventing drift of the smoke and soot is crucial. Otherwise, every surface and space in your home can attract soot and smells. Using 6 mil polyethylene barriers and sealing the perimeter of the fire damage abatement workspace not only keeps residues in check, but it is also a practical step to control odors. Forcing contaminants through HEPA filters and venting to the outdoors is also useful and why we use negative pressure air scrubbers. 

Matching Cleaners and Techniques to Particular Soils 

Three principle types of soot present in household fires -- dry and ashy, thick and wet, and protein-based. Each has preferred methods for removal, based on research and success in the field. If the evaluation of the residues in your home is incomplete or erroneous, efforts taken to clean soot away can instead cause smearing or staining. This concern is why SERVPRO ensures our assessors are up to date on their Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. 

Employing Innovative Technology to Fire Damage-Based Odor 

If thorough cleaning of the air and surfaces does not result in the elimination of smoky odors, we consider other options. The tiny particles of soot that carry the smells can hide in crevices and even in HVAC systems. Using masking agents is an option, but is not acceptable as a long term option. This struggle is why SERVPRO explores other options like thermal fogging, ozone machines, or hydroxyl generators for odor removal. Alterations in the chemical composition of the odor-bearing soot neutralize the smell.  

World-class training and investment in advanced equipment are why SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls responds to fire damage with assurance and delivers fast and successful results. Call round the clock at (406) 458-6008 for a rapid assessment and restoration plan based on best practices.

What Extractors Work Best for Standing Floodwater in Great Falls Homes?

1/5/2022 (Permalink)

Cloud to ground lightning against a night sky; tree in foreground Flooding can be among the most destructive events homeowners may face. SERVPRO is available 24/7 for your emergency restoration needs.

Extraction is a Critical Part of the Mitigation Process for Great Falls Homes After a Flood

Flooding is an unfortunate situation that many homeowners in the area have experienced. This intruding water can overwhelm a residence, so fast mitigation is critical.

The Importance of Fast Extraction

Flood damage in Great Falls properties needs addressing as fast as possible. Not only does this mean the standing water present in many rooms of the property, but the likely debris and solids brought in with the intruding water. As compromising as this process might seem, we have multiple extractors to help.

Typical Water Removal Tools for Flooding

There is no universal solution to ideal water removal tools and equipment. Many of these choices are based on the impact of flooding on the property and how deep or challenging the pooling water might be. Choosing the right machine makes a difference in efficient recovery, and a few options include:

  • Wet Vacuums – One of the advantages of choosing versatile tools like wet vacuums is the mobility of these units. The lightweight design makes it easy for restorers to move a vacuum from one damaged room to the next to manage smaller pooling. 
  • Trash Pumps – Unlike wet vacuums, trash pumps are more of a stationary tool. With self-priming functionality, we can drop the intake hose into standing water and begin pulling out water to a drainage point at several hundred gallons per minute. 
  • Truck-Mount Extractor Units – Because these are engine-driven units often powered by the trucks they are affixed to, the pulling power from these machines is unrivaled by any other extraction unit in our inventory. These are ideal for considerable flooding with several inches or feet of standing water. 

Flooding can be among the most destructive events that a home or business in the area might face. As rapidly moving and spreading as these conditions might be, effective water removal solutions ensure that we can avoid costly damage and deterioration. Our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team is ready to help whenever you need it at (406) 458-6008. 

Should Attic Black Mold in Helena Homes Be Addressed Professionally?

12/29/2021 (Permalink)

hand pulling wallpaper away to reveal mold Mold is often hidden. SERVPRO can locate and remediate mold damage in your home.

Our Experienced Remediators can Quickly Remove Residential Mold Threats for Helena Properties

Mold is not uncommon in Helena homes, especially in areas more sensitive to moisture exposures like the basement or attic. When mold growth begins to spread and threaten the property, our SERVPRO team can help with fast remediation strategies. 

Assessing the Scope of the Mold Damage

The mold damage remediation process for Helena homes and businesses relies most heavily on an understanding of the damage to the structure. Mold specialists of our SERVPRO team work fast to evaluate the condition of the property and determine the ideal remediation approach to overcome obstacles like:

  • Effect on structure
  • Harsh odors
  • Moisture damage

Remediation Strategies to Manage Black Mold

Black mold and other residential varieties of microbial threats can move quickly between available hosting materials. Choosing the appropriate remediation strategies starts with the information gathered in the inspection phase and the impact of specific practices on the efficient removal of active colonies. In many cases, this process should begin with surface cleaning, as this can introduce powerful biocides and sporicidal products in our inventory to exposed surfaces to eradicate growing organisms. 

Long-Term Solutions to Prevent Mold Damage

Because our IICRC trained team has a general contractor license to our name, we can complete a wealth of repairs and needed construction after mold damage threats. More to this point, we can evaluate the underlying causes of the mold damage and work to install preventative measures or repair vulnerabilities that allow for moisture to be a consistent issue in the affected areas of this property. 

Residential mold can be troublesome for properties and their occupants for several reasons. We urgently need to resolve these active colonies as soon as possible, and our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team can help. You can reach our experienced remediation team 24/7 at (406) 458-6008. 

Who Can I Call for Flood Restoration in Great Falls?

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with chairs floating around Regardless of which room is affected, quick water removal is essential. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians and the right equipment for the job.

SERVPRO Can Help with Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages in Great Falls

Being in the Rocky Mountains, people in Montana know that the area sees inclement weather pretty much any time of the year. In the summer and early fall seasons, rainstorms and thunderstorms tend to strike the state from time to time. In late fall and throughout the winter and spring, snowstorms and blizzards are rather common. Unfortunately, both rainstorms and blizzards could cause damage to your home.

During several cases of flood damage in Great Falls, the source of the problems is water entering after a thunderstorm or vicious blizzard. Rainstorms can bring about wind and hail that can cause holes in your structure or broken roof shingles. Blizzards also can bring about issues with wind, or an ice dam could form, causing your roof to leak. If any of these problems occur during any time of the year and moisture gets into your house, our SERVPRO technicians can help you with the following:

  • Repair Ceiling Leaks
  • Flood Restoration
  • Remediate Basement Flooding
  • Water Clean Up 
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Removal Services

One major problem with moisture entering your house from the outside due to a storm is that there is a chance the water can be contaminated. Therefore, we use special protocols to prevent the spread of contamination. For example, if porous materials such as your carpets get wet, we can remove them. Before removing items, we can also contain the affected area with plastic to prevent contaminants from spreading during the work process. Once your damaged carpet and pad get pulled out, we can then treat your subflooring with an antimicrobial solution to kill any viruses, bacteria, or fungi present.

If you ever notice that any amount of water entered your home after a thunderstorm or a blizzard, call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008.

Are There Any Mold Specialists in the Great Falls Area?

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls and ceiling of a room Finding mold does not need to cause a fright! Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the mold damage in your home.

SERVPRO Can Provide Mold Inspections, Remediations, and Removal in Great Falls

When most people hear that black mold is present in their homes, they think of places on the east coast and the south with high humidity levels. Mold is more of a problem where the relative humidity stays high, but it can also be prevalent in more arid climates. In Montana, relative humidity levels range from 71 to 45 compared to Florida, which averages 81 in the morning to 51 in the afternoons. However, even though it is much drier in the Rocky Mountains, fungi can still grow inside your structure. 

Once there is mold damage inside your Great Falls home, the fungi releases spores to help it spread and grow in other places. Since mold can cause health effects, it is wise to use a company like SERVPRO that considers themselves mold specialists. If you notice attic mold or the presence of any other type of fungi in your structure, we can provide the following:

  • Black Mold Remediation
  • Mold Inspections
  • Basement Mold Remediation 
  • Bathroom Mold Remediation
  • Attic Mold Remediation
  • Black Mold Damage Repairs

Whenever we deal with fungi, our procedures change based on the severity. Once a fungus develops, it grows structures called hyphae in all directions. These structures then release the seed-like spores that can travel around your home until they find other wet, organic materials to grow on.

No matter how bad the issues are, our highly trained, IICRC certified SERVPRO team always follows the same procedures each time that have been proven effective. We can provide fast, 24/7 service and utilize advanced technology such as the industry's best moisture censors and air scrubbers.

If you happen to notice even a small patch of black mold growth in your house one day, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008.

How Rapidly Does Mold Damage Spread Through a Helena Residence?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

mold on a wall Mold is tricky! SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls is here for it. Call us today.

SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediators in Helena Can Help Prevent the Spread of Mold and Remove Contaminated Materials

Molds can make an indoor environment unsanitary by producing unpleasant odors, harmful materials and releasing microscopic spores. While some areas of home restoration are appropriate for homeowners to take on themselves, the discovery and abatement of a mold issue are not one of them. Molds can have complex consequences for your properties which is why most homeowners rely on a professionally qualified and experienced mold remediator to carry out:

  • Mold inspection
  • Basement mold remediation
  • Bathroom mold removal

Infested materials suffering mold damage in your Helena home can be hazardous. It is vital to control mold spread by removing these infested materials and disposing of them safely. Sometimes it may be necessary for mold remediation technicians to use razor cutters to remove sections of infested drywall or replace insulation within walls. There is a high risk of accidentally causing damage to the building assembly when removing drywall or reinstalling. SERVPRO technicians have years of experience working in residential properties and can safely remove infested materials. 

  • Drywall is a relatively inexpensive material which makes the removal of infestation sections a prudent choice. 
  • Addressing the source of microbial growth, usually, a moisture problem is achieved using industrial drying equipment. 
  • Technicians can deploy air filtration devices in the home to clean your indoor air and reduce the risk of health effects from mold.

To overcome microbial growth issues in your property, contact SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls for mold damage remediation at (406) 458-6008.

What Needs to Be Done if I Suffer from Burst Pipes in Helena?

8/5/2021 (Permalink)

a broken white pipe with water leaking from it Facing a burst pipe situation? Have no fear. Contact SERVPRO right away for effective water removal and remediation services.

SERVPRO Can Provide Water Removal Services in Helena

If your house has a basement, there is a good chance that you have water pipes running between the two floors. Therefore, if one of the pipes breaks, you could suffer from damage on both of your levels. Water leaking into your basement can cause several problems to your building materials and structural components since moisture will be coming down from the ceiling.

If you ever happen to suffer from water damage in Helena, our SERVPRO team can help with even the most severe incidents. Our highly trained team is certified by the International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) program. We have access to the industry's most advanced technology that can help us with your project. We are located nearby, and we can provide fast 24/7 service.

Especially if you have a major issue like your basement flooding, we can help you by providing the following:

  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Cleaning Up after a Sewer Backup
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Water Removal Services

If an excessive amount of water enters your basement, your ceiling and drywall could get saturated. In some cases, we might have to remove your basement ceilings and walls if the moisture destroys their structural integrity. When this is the case, we can then set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your main level floors from below and your basement's wall studs.

If you ever have a major water leak that floods a large section of your home, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008.

Why Should Asbestos Cleaning Be Professionally Done in Helena Homes?

3/21/2021 (Permalink)

yellow caution tape that says danger asbestos Was asbestos found in your home? Contact our certified team for more information about asbestos cleaning.

Asbestos can be a highly hazardous material for your Helena home that requires immediate attention and careful removal.

Why Should Homeowners Seek Professional Asbestos Abatement?

Our SERVPRO team trained professionals on our roster for asbestos cleaning in Helena homes to meet the demand for a reputable removal contractor for our vast service area. Because so many Montana homes were constructed before the 1980s, many common building materials and insulating elements were partly or wholly asbestos-based.

Some of these include:

  • Roof shingles
  • Vinyl flooring and mastic
  • Textured paint
  • Heat-resistant materials
  • Air duct coverings
  • Attic insulation

This carcinogenic substance can be hazardous to those directly exposed, and once fibers exist in an environment, they can become a long-term threat to the property. Once testing confirms that asbestos exists, our team can:

  • Establish work zones 
  • Begin air filtration
  • Remove necessary materials
  • Safely and legally discard them 

Containment Protocols to Protect Occupants of Your Helena Home

Containment is a vital aspect of asbestos cleaning in Helena. Not only do physical barriers need to be installed with thick plastic sheeting, but pathways that could allow fibers to travel to other areas of the property must get sealed off as well. These pathways include:

  • Vents
  • Registers
  • Doorways

Preventing the movement of potentially carcinogenic asbestos fibers begins with ensuring the HVAC system is shut down not to agitate work zones our SERVPRO team has established. These sealed construction zones allow better regulation of fibers and hazardous particulates with HEPA vacuums and air filtration equipment regularly used in conjunction with wet demolition.

Asbestos Cleaning and Removal in Your Helena Household

Once a thorough inspection has been conducted in the property and work zones have been established, our contractors understand the specific materials that must be removed and the potential risks of agitating these surfaces. The demolition process can widely spread fibers and asbestos particles when proper containment methods are not instilled. We meticulously and carefully remove problematic materials using wet strategies and bagging methods to reduce contamination. HEPA-filtration products can be instrumental in capturing possible circulating fibers from posing health effects. Some of these tools in our inventory include:

  • Negative pressure machines 
  • Air scrubbers
  • Hydroxyl generators

Appropriate Handling and Discarding of Hazardous Materials

Asbestos cleaning requires intricate removal practices that reduce the spread of harmful carcinogenic particles. Wet tactics can keep known ACBM products and materials damp to reduce the circulation of fibers. The appropriate handling of these materials protects your home and our abatement professionals while transporting it to a facility for elimination. We abide by state and federal regulations for the handling and specific disposal of hazardous materials.

Final Asbestos Cleaning in Your Helena Residence

Our SERVPRO team does not stop at discarding hazardous materials removed from your home. An asbestos abatement project is not complete until the work surfaces have been reinstalled, and any surfaces not involved with controlled demolition and calculated removal get cleaned with wet products, and the full exposure area has been thoroughly filtered using HEPA products and air quality control measures. We ensure that we have met the appropriate guidelines and criteria in the removal process before deconstructing containment barriers. 

If you suspect aging materials in your home might contain asbestos, let our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls professionals help clean and restore these hazardous conditions. We are available 24/7 at (406) 458-6008.

Storm Damage Could Strike in Great Falls

1/24/2021 (Permalink)

someone pulling up carpet that is soaked from storm damage Contact SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls today at (406) 458-6008 for help with professional storm damage restoration.

Call SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration in Great Falls

Great Falls, Montana is located in the northwestern part of the state and has an estimated population of a little less than 60,000 people. Between the years 1950 through 1970, Great Falls was the biggest city in the state before getting surpassed once the city of Billings grew large. The town was the second-largest city in Montana until it was passed up by Missoula in 2000.

Great Falls History

For many years, the region has been inhabited by several Native American tribes, including the Blackfeet, Salish, and the Little Shell Chippewa tribe's headquarters. The first known Caucasian visitors of the region were the group on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. A series of waterfalls located on the Missouri River drove the expedition group to the area as well as other explorers in the 19th century.

After the Lewis and Clark team made their way through the region in 1806, it would be quite sometime before the Native Americans living on the land saw more explorers. In 1822, explorer Jim Bridger reached the region on a fur trapping expedition. He returned to Great Falls with Major Andrew Henry with hopes to find animals to trap in April of 1823. However, the trapper's expedition was cut short when they were attacked by members of the Blackfeet tribe at their campsite.

Over the next few decades, the area would see a handful of explorers traversing the region. Then in 1880, businessman Paris Gibson visited the area looking for opportunities. The series of waterfalls located on the Missouri River attracted Gibson to the site because he envisioned an industrial city powered by hydroelectric generators.

Gibson returned to the site in 1883 with his friend and railroad tycoon Robert Vaughn who wanted to invest in the city and make it a hub for the railroad. The two businessmen, along with surveyors, platted the town and founded it that same year. The town was named Great Falls due to the five waterfalls in the area, and its first post office opened in 1884.

The Glorious Waterfalls

  • The Great Falls/Ryan Dam: The dam was built on the enormous 80-foot waterfall in 1915, and it now stands 148 feet tall with the dam.
  • Crooked Falls: This waterfall is about seven miles away from Great Falls, and it flows over an irregular shelf that is about 19 feet high and 300 yards across.
  • Rainbow Falls/Rainbow Dam: Captain Lewis called the waterfall "a cascade of about fifty feet perpendicular" in his journal.

SERVPRO Can Provide Storm Damage Restoration Services in the Great Falls Region

During the winter, problems with storms are still prevalent in the Great Falls region. Winter storms can bring about their own problems with excessive wind and snow. Snowy weather can cause ice dams to form on your roof or your pipes to freeze and burst.

Our technicians at SERVPRO can offer the following to help you with your storm-related issues on your property:

  • Fast, 24/7 Service: Our technicians are available all of the time, and we can arrive at your residence shortly after your call.
  • Highly Trained Team: All of our crew is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) program.
  • Advanced Technology: We have access to the industry's most industrially advanced equipment, including our testing instruments, extraction, and drying tools.

Call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls for all of your storm-related damage needs. You can call us 24/7 at (406) 458-6008. 

Enjoy Transformative Music in Great Falls

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

A white background with musical instruments. Starting the new years off with music, sounds like a great idea. Go out and enjoy the Great Falls Symphony.

Great Falls Residents and Visitors Can Have an Excellent Experience at the Great Falls Symphony

You now have an excellent opportunity to enjoy live music at the Great Falls Symphony. The symphony is proud to present Virtuoso, Rossini, Farrenc, and Beethoven. Besides, Great Falls Symphony’s own Dorian Antipa can impress attendees on the showy and virtuosic Bassoon Concerto by Rossini. The symphony occurs on January 16, 2021, between 3:00 PM and 7:30 PM at the Mansfield Theater, 2 Park Drive South.

The event’s organizer is the Great Falls Symphony Association, and its mission is to infuse cultural vibrancy into the local community through transformative education programs and music events. The association adds value to the community by offering beautiful and outstanding human emotional expressions with all music events and programs.

SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls is happy to welcome you to the Great Falls Symphony. If there is water damage in your Great Falls residence, we are the most suitable company to hire. Our technicians are certified, and we have state-of-the-art tools for restoring water-damaged homes. Call us any time at (406) 458-6008.

Enjoy The Beauty of Waterfalls In Great Falls

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van parked at house with mountains around Great Falls may cause water damage? Maybe, be safe and call SERVPRO for cleanup and restoration to your property

When Great Falls Weather Threatens Water Damage, SERVPRO Is Ready To Help

Great Falls is the County Seat of Cascade County, Montana. This city of 58,434 people is located near some breathtaking Montana scenery, including the series of waterfalls from which it takes its name.

Great Falls is also known as The Electric City due to the presence of a hydroelectric dam on each of the five waterfalls that make up the Great Falls.

Paris Gibson visited the area in 1883 and immediately saw the potential for a bustling and industrial city, thanks to the falls' presence, which he knew engineers could harness using hydroelectric dams. He returned with a friend later that year to plan a settlement. Great Falls started out tiny, with just a handful of houses, a flour mill, and one store. However, by 1885 the town had expanded to include a post office, bank, school, lumber yard, and a newspaper, the Great Falls Tribune (known back then as Sun River Sun.)

Great Falls boomed, quickly becoming prosperous, thanks in part to investment from smelting operations, railroads, and of course, hydroelectric companies. Great Falls even boasted the world's tallest chimney for a while, thanks to the B & M smelter stack, which in 1908 measured 154 m tall.

The Majesty of the Great Falls Area

The Great Falls for which the city is named was discovered by expedition leaders William Clark and Meriwether Lewis in 1804. The then-president, Thomas Jefferson, wanted to send an expedition to explore the area as part of the Louisiana Purchase. He tasked Lewis and Clark with mapping out the Missouri River's course and studying the area's geology, terrain, flora, and fauna. He also asked them to establish if there was a river route to the Pacific Ocean.

Their first sight of the falls had a powerful effect on Lewis, who wrote in his journal that the falls were "the grandest sight I ever beheld," adding that "I saw the spray arise above the plain like a column of smoke."

The name Great Falls refers to five individual waterfalls on the Missouri River:

  • Great Falls itself is the waterfall first seen by Captain Meriwether, who described its impressively loud roaring as "too tremendous to be mistaken for any cause short of the great falls of the Missouri." Thanks to the addition of the Ryan Dam, the falls are an impressive 45 meters tall.
  • Rainbow Falls cascades, straight and impressive, beside the Rainbow Dam, which was added in 1901.
  • Black Eagle Falls is the closest waterfall to the city itself, located about 4 KM above Rainbow Falls. Black Eagle was the first waterfall to be dammed by the Black Eagle Dam in 1890. Today, visitors can appreciate the dramatic vistas and raw power of the thundering water.
  • Colter Falls is the smallest falls in the group, located behind the Rainbow Dam. The falls are now submerged.
  • Crooked Falls cascades over an irregularly-shaped shelf and is the least accessible of the falls. It cannot be reached by vehicle, and there is no dam in place here. If you make the hike up to see Crooked Falls, you will see it just as Lewis and Clark did, untouched by humankind.

Great Falls offers ample opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views around the falls while also taking in everything the city has to offer.

The River's Edge urban trail offers an ideal starting point to explore the area. The trail links together recreational sites, attractions, shopping, and more all along the riverfront in downtown Great Falls. This is a fully paved urban trail accessible to wheelchair users and pushchairs and is very family-friendly. There is ample parking along the route, which is also dotted with multiple benches, restrooms, sheltered picnic areas, and drinking fountains.

There is so much to see and do along the route that you might need to walk it more than once to take it all in! Some must-see stops include:

  • The West Bank Park portion of the trail, which is ideal for bird-spotters.
  • Black Eagle Memorial Island with its historic truss bridge and breathtaking views of Black Eagle Falls.
  • Warden Park Gazebo telescope offers stunning close-up views of the city and its surroundings.

When you are done with the River's Edge trail, be sure to stop by the Ryan Island Park picnic area. The picnic area is close to the Ryan Dam, offering fantastic views of the Great Falls. You can access the park via a suspension bridge that offers unbeatable views. From Mother's Day through Labor Day, visitors can take advantage of the Ryan Dam clubhouse, including cooking and refrigeration facilities.

Flooding Season Can Bring Water Damage In Great Falls

Great Falls has a cold semi-arid climate. Winters are long, and it often snows, while summers bring frequent thunderstorms. The biggest flooding season in Great Falls is mid-late spring when the snow melts and causes runoffs. However, the climate means that flooding is a year-round risk for residents.

SERVPRO Helps Residents Deal With Water Damage

Some homes in Great Falls have extra water damage risk factors:

  • Being on a flood plain.
  • Old or rotted door and window frames that can let in water.
  • Sloped gardens or broken downpipes that encourage water to run toward the property instead of away from it.
  • Poorly insulated pipes that are at risk of freezing and cracking in winter.

Our best advice to residents is to avoid water damage wherever possible. Be aware of flood risks and set up weather alerts on your phone, so you know in advance that a flood or storm is coming. It is also a good idea to waterproof your home as much as you can. Ensure door and window frames are sound, repair any damage to the roof, and make sure gutters and downpipes are clean and working correctly.

In the event of water damage, call SERVPRO as soon as you can. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and our dedicated team will arrive within four hours of your initial call. We can help with every aspect of water damage remediation, including pumping out water, drying your home, cleaning and drying your belongings, disinfecting if needed, and deodorizing your home to get rid of musty smells.

For help with water damage, call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008.

What Restoration Services Can I Expect For My Helena Property?

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

A green SERVPRO van on a white background. No matter what disaster strikes your Helena or Great Falls property, call SERVPRO we will be ready to assist.

SERVPRO offers many professional cleaning, recovery, and restoration services to help your Helena or Great Falls property after a disaster.

Post-disaster cleaning and restoration needs hit our cities like Helena and Great Falls the same as it affects the hundreds of miles of rural communities between them. Our SERVPRO professionals have become a trusted name in the recovery efforts of homes and businesses affected by water, fire, mold, storm, and even biohazard losses. Experienced technicians can respond quickly to help you make these emergencies “Like it never even happened.” Understanding each of our main divisions of restoration can show that we are prepared for whatever disaster your home or business might face.

Can SERVPRO Help After a Water Loss? 

  • Fast and Timely Responses
  • Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies
  • Full-Scale Build Back and Reconstruction

One of the most direct ways that our SERVPRO professionals can help after any water loss incident is to respond quickly to emergencies in Great Falls homes. We do not just make broad claims with our slogan that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, but take an active stance to stay prepared for water loss emergencies as they happen. We keep READY trailers stocked with drying and extraction tools to roll out from our warehouse when we get the word.

The commitment that our water restoration technicians (WRT) have to use the latest technologies and tools can help Helena homes see faster recoveries that ultimately cost customers less. While the heart of moisture removal in structures still hinges on high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers to start evaporative drying, we also have many sophisticated devices and tools to focus these efforts on the appropriate materials and areas of the damaged structure.

To provide a comprehensive restoration approach for Helena residents, we have a licensed crew of residential and commercial contractors with our team. We can offer full build back and reconstruction of damaged areas of the property if controlled demolition was part of the recovery plan.

Can Trained Technicians Help with Post-Fire Recovery? 

  • Debris Removal and Controlled Demolition
  • Content Management
  • Soot Removal and Deodorization

Emergency services like debris removal can be a powerful first step in gaining control of a fire loss situation in Helena homes when our SERVPRO team arrives. In this same vein, we have contractors in-house that can oversee efforts like a controlled demolition to provide a safer work site for what restoration is possible before reconstruction and repairs begin.

The contents of your house can often be among the most heavily affected by spreading fire losses, and without fast intervention by our content management professionals, they can be impossible to replace or restore. We have qualified technicians that can assess your belongings on an item-by-item basis to determine the best solution. We can move items to other areas of your Great Falls home to protect them, clean them on-site, or allow them to be part of the pack-out process to move to our SERVPRO facility for dedicated cleaning and deodorization.

Two of the most challenging obstacles for fire recovery in Great Falls homes after a disaster are soot and odor removal. Soot can be a hazard to the health of responders and restoration technicians, so we deploy air cleaning tools like air scrubbers soon after arrival to reduce this circulating threat while walls and surfaces get cleaned. Removing odors is often one of the final steps of restoration, and can include several sophisticated tools and equipment, including thermal foggers, hydroxyl generators, and ozone machines.

How Can My Home Recover After a Storm?  

  • Addressing Local Weather Threats
  • Large Loss Recovery Team and In-House Contractors
  • Flood Response, Water Removal, and Decontamination

Severe weather events are nothing that Helena and Great Falls residents should be surprised to encounter, especially during the winter months. With bitter temperatures that can often drop into the negatives and heavy snowfall that can compromise roofs, our storm response team must stay prepared for anything that could happen. We have professionals ready 24/7 to meet the needs of homes and businesses after storms.

As a Large Loss Recovery Team serving the area, we can offer practical help to Great Falls and all of the other communities in our region without delays. We have the available personnel and equipment to meet the needs of more substantial loss incidents like whole-house flooding. We also have a qualified team of contractors that can help in controlled demolition, build back, and repairs once water damage and other pressing concerns have gotten addressed.

Our fast flood response can often have us arrive at Helena homes and businesses to address flooding and other damaging concerns within hours of the first notice of loss (FNOL.) Because we have trailers stocked with water removal and drying equipment for water restoration tasks, we can purpose these tools for flood extraction and evaporative drying. We even have a potent line of cleaning and disinfection products to eliminate harmful microbes and bacteria that might be present in flood-damaged areas of your house.

What Restoration Services Can Businesses Expect? 

  • Post-Disaster Cleanup
  • Ongoing Premier Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Scheduled Appointments

Cleaning up after a disaster is an immediate need for your Helena business because the longer you wait to address existing concerns, the worse they can get. There are many situations where our experienced SERVPRO professionals can implement containment barriers and equipment to reduce the impact of post-disaster cleaning and recovery on your staff and customers.

Now more than ever, Helena businesses and commercial properties can benefit from disinfection and sanitizing that extends beyond the usual limitations of custodial and maintenance professionals. We have potent cleaning products that can help to eliminate viral pathogens, bacteria, and contaminants on surfaces, flooring, and other contents in the building.

Meeting the needs of commercial structures in Great Falls and beyond means availability when you need it. Scheduling ongoing or one-time cleaning sessions for your building can limit the interruption to your business and have after-hours cleaning accomplished so that your staff return to a revitalized workspace the following day.

Whenever disasters strike here in Montana, you can count on the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team. Give us a call anytime at (406) 458-6008.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open in Helena, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls today at (406) 458-6008 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

How Can SERVPRO Help my Helena Home After Busted Pipe Damage?

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

Burst pipe leaking water Late freezes can cause burst pipes which leads to water damage.

Our team has efficient extraction solutions to help your Helena home after a disaster. 

Freezing and bursting pipes can provide an immediate disaster for Helena homeowners to contend with, and a situation that few are prepared to address. With pooling water in the damaged areas getting worse until you can shut down the service line valves supplying your entire house, you can get left with several hundred gallons of standing water on the floors of your property. 

Our SERVPRO professionals have efficient extraction tools to address standing water damage in Helena homes. Our use of the electric submersible pump can offer continuous, quiet operation that moves a high volume of water from the damaged areas of your residence to set the stage for evaporative drying efforts to follow. 

What tools can SERVPRO technicians use to dry materials after a disaster?  

  • Centrifugal and axial air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drying mats
  • Positive and negative pressure systems 

Frozen pipes can be devastating without professional restoration. Give our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team a call at (406) 458-6008. 

More about Helena.

Local Businesses and Facilities Need Support -- SERVPRO the Lead

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bottles, sponges, brushes and gloves arranged in a circle on a wood table When your business is not sure what products and supplies are best to clean and disinfect, call SERVPRO.

Professional Help is Available in Helena and Great Falls

Are you a facility or maintenance manager, or business owner in Helena and Great Falls areas? Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this pandemic, you probably have heightened concerns and questions about preventative cleaning and disinfection measures in your facilities and businesses. You aren’t alone.

If you have questions about how to deal with the virus contamination in Helena and Great Falls, the CDC, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Homeland Security, and more offer information and protocols to help you clarify and adapt cleaning and disinfecting routines, keeping the buildings you manage safer.  

SERVPRO of Helena and Great Falls is a Biohazard Remediation Specialist. Our highly-trained and extensively experienced crews at your local SERVPRO office have a significant hands-on background in containing environmental contamination. Our crews respond to mold infestations, flooding events, and crime or trauma scenes. We are certified in infectious material mitigation and remediation. Our team members are trained and certified by Both SERVPRO Industries and the IICRC and follow the evolving guidelines and are able to work safely in both occupied and empty buildings. We are proud to say we work in detailed environmental cleaning every workday. We provide anti-microbial services, disinfection of bacterial contamination at sewage spills, crime scenes and unattended death locations. We know how to work in our coronavirus impacted times.   

Contact SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls practical assistance and guidance on how to manage the coronavirus pandemic issues in your facility. We offer flexible work hours for our customers to conveniently meet their schedules. (We also work in homes.)  Call us at (406) 458-6008 to discuss your needs.

Advice from the medical and scientific community regarding how to deal with the coronavirus is based on present knowledge, which is subject to change as the situation continues to develop. There can be no assurance that disinfectants alone will be adequate to fully eliminate the virus. We are not physicians or infectious disease professionals. Consult your medical professionals for individual medical advice.

Find out more about Great Falls.

Common Problems After Flood Damage in Great Falls Homes

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Standing in flood water Contact SERVPRO for water damage mitigation services.

It’s Important to have a Plan In Case of a Flood Event in Great Falls

Flood damage is a problem no homeowner wants to deal with, yet in Montana, intense storms, as well as snowmelt, can trigger flash floods in the area. 

Among the frequently seen issues after flood damage in Great Falls homes include ruined flooring, damaged sheetrock, foul odors, and mold. Fast action is crucial, as the quicker extraction and drying efforts begin, can work in the homeowner's favor to lessen the loss. 


The techs have training for handling all types of water loss in local properties and, in many cases, turn it around and save the property owners the cost of replacement. 

Common Flooring Issues

When floodwater invades a property, as little as half an inch can wreak havoc in terms of delaminating tiles, warping hardwood floorboards and plywood subfloors, or seeping into floor joists. The use of specialized drying equipment such as drying mats on hardwood floors and subfloor assists in pushing out the embedded moisture and drying it thoroughly. 

SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls at (406) 458-6008 for professional cleanup and restoration from any size water damage problem. The certified techs use their state of the art equipment and training to make the loss, "Like it never even happened."

Find out more about Great Falls.

Helena Area Homeowners Trust this Premier Cleanup and Restoration Company for Mitigating Water Losses--SERVPRO!

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

green air movers, dehus, drying out a carpeted room Many Air Movers and Dehumidifiers Drying a Helena Home after a Water-Damaging Event--SERVPRO Has the Right Stuff!

Scalable Resources Are Why SERVPRO Rapidly Remediates Water Damage in Helena

A primary reason why community members prefer our assistance for residential water loss in Helena is our commitment to assign enough trained workers and high-efficiency equipment to complete every job rapidly and thoroughly. Water is incredibly destructive and begins degrading building materials and contents in your home immediately upon contact. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, benefiting our residential customers with our rapid response and reliability.

Stakes Are High

Helena water damage requires attention as quickly as possible not only because building materials and contents are in harm’s way but also because mold growth is a considerable risk factor if moisture lingers. In circumstances where a delay or more than 24 to 48 hours occurs before technicians implement water removal and structural drying strategies, mold infestation is a near certainty. The connection between water and mold damage is why our ability to scale up our workforce and equipment inventory results in successful outcomes.

Multiple Affected Spaces Require Additional Resources

Since liquids naturally seek lower ground, significant movement from the original site of the water loss in your residence is inevitable. The spread means more than one level, and more than one room of your home can be affected. Moving from space to space with a small crew takes too much time. Materials awaiting their turn continue to suffer from progressive deterioration from the migrating water and might become unrestorable before they receive attention. This risk is why SERVPRO instead chooses to add crews to work in all damaged areas contemporaneously, utilizing our robust inventory of water restoration equipment to remove water and dry structure.

Comprehensively Stocked Service Vehicles

We take our responsibility to provide fast and thorough water removal and structural drying seriously. Even a brief delay can expose your home to an unnecessary risk of significant demolition and repair. Keeping cost low and disruption to a minimum are reasons why SERVPRO stocks multiple pumps, extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers on our signature green trucks. Our crew members never wait to use an essential tool, improving the odds of returning your dwelling to “Like it never even happened,” condition ahead of schedule.

Our mission to get you and your family back into a dry and comfortable living environment fast is why SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls adapts work crew numbers and the availability of water mitigation and remediation equipment. Call (406) 458-6008 to consult about your water loss as soon as possible.