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Where to Find Commercial Fire and Smoke Remediation Services in Helena?

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

suppression system water dripping red background When your Helena Business suffered fire damage plus powder or water sprinkler injury to insult--Call SERVPRO for cleanup

SERVPRO’s Business is to Keep Your Helena Fire-Damaged Shoppe Open

Giving up a day job to open a business is no easy task. Opening a restaurant takes a lot of money, wit, and even some luck to get your idea off the ground. However, once you can serve customers and see their happy smiles, the stress, and second-guesses fall by the wayside.

When your restaurant finds itself in need of local Helena fire and smoke remediation services, don't hesitate to get help as soon as possible. Accidents happen, after all, we cannot predict the future. What matters most is how fast you respond- action is the best remedy. As fire cools, it is harder to remediate the damage, thus why action is so important. It is best to call for professional remediation services after you call for firefighting services. The quicker SERVPRO can get to your restaurant, the faster we can take care of the emergency services water damage, as well as the fire and smoke damage.

Our expert technicians work when you need us to. Should an electrical fire spark at midnight, we can be there. If a grease fire gets out of hand during dinner service, we already have a truck full of advanced technology ready to go. We understand fire damage waits for no one, so we make a habit of getting to you fast.

At SERVPRO, our technicians have access to the newest advanced technological devices, designed for fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup. Some of the devices we can use to help you are:

  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Soot-dissolving cleaning agents
  • Vacuums for powder suppressant
  • Thermal Foggers

Every device we use has a special purpose, and they range from neutralizing malodorous smoke particles, to breaking down soot. Abandon guesswork and trust experts. Our goal is always to return your restaurant to you in its pre-fire condition.

If you need fire and smoke damage restoration, never wait. Speak with SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls by calling (406) 458-6008. We're eager to help you!

SERVPRO Can Provide Water Removal Services for Your Great Falls Video Game Store!

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

two boys underwater in a pool with a tablet Water and Video games do not go well together. Call SERVPRO for water removal and restoration at your Great Falls retail store

Great Falls Shop Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Control and Mitigation

Owning a store is a huge responsibility, especially for those who are running small businesses. Picture owning a videogame boutique, equipped with new and vintage consoles, games, and merchandise. It is your dream store. The inside is decorated with nods to titles like Mario, and Mortal Kombat. Your shop has become the new spot that game enthusiasts want to shop.

Now imagine that the apartment above you leaves your store in urgent need of Great Falls Water Removal Services. When a pipe bursts in the upstairs apartment, water can rush to your store through the walls and ceiling. In a matter of minutes, your store can become soaked from the mass water damage upstairs, and your displays and merchandise can find themselves in danger.

Here at SERVPRO, we can provide your store with water clean-up services, and help your business recover from the damage of burst pipes. Our first goal is to pack up your merchandise and displays. We understand you would be stressed about electronics. We can bring them to our facility for inspection and then take the necessary steps to help you provide a list of damages to your insurance adjuster. Under difficult water damage control we can recommend a professional specializing in electronics recovery.

Once inside, we can begin with using rover-mounted extractors to remove the water from your carpeted flooring. Our goal is to remove the water as fast as possible, to help prevent mold spores from growing into a colony. SERVPRO can use truck-mounted devices to get the water out of your store and dump it somewhere far from you. From there, we can make necessary flood cuts and remove damaged ceiling tile. Drying is our last step, and we try to do it as fast as we can so you can get your business open once more.

If your business is impacted by water, never wait for help. Call SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls by phoning (406) 458-6008. We're ready to help you!

What You Should Do When Flood Damage Impacts Your Helena Home!

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

AXIAL FAN DURING demolition SERVPRO utilizes advanced equipment for storm water removal and drying in the Greater Helena area

Call SERVPRO Immediately to Mitigate the Storm Damage

Montana is known for breath-taking mountains, rolling hills, and deep valleys. Living at the base of mountains can provide some of the best views, and they never get old. However, when it comes to water, it follows the flow of gravity, and living in a valley means your home is at the lowest point.

Never hesitate to call for local Helena flood damage restoration services if your home becomes endangered during a storm. Imagine your home is situated in the Prickly Pear Valley, near the outskirts of your city. One day, a severe thunderstorm occurs, and your basement begins to flood.

Here at SERVPRO, our highly trained technicians are flood damage experts. As it rains, and the water collects, it can create. Very quickly, the water begins to carry far more than just H2O. Many people do not realize that something as simple as rainwater can carry harmful objects, chemicals, and biowaste in its currents. However, our technicians understand this process and know how to remove the water from your property safely.

When we get into your basement, we can begin by removing any furniture, belongings, and storage, so we can ensure all water is cleaned up. Should you have any waterlogged boxes or possessions, we can send them to our facility for treatment. There, your belongings can be dried and then stored in new boxes.

Our technicians use advanced technology during every job they face. In your basement, we can use devices such as:

With the help of our advanced technology, we can remove the water from your basement and then set up drying equipment. Our goal is to return your home to you, feeling "Like it never even happened."

When it comes to water damage repairs, we have your back. Do not hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls by dialing (406) 458-6008. We're available 24/7.

Trust Pros in Helena When it Comes to Fire Damage Mitigation

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

burned kitchen, hole in roof House fire cleanup in Helena starts when SERVPRO demolishes and removes non-salvageable materials. The first step in fire damage mitigation.

SERVPRO Offers Skilled Fire Damage Mitigation – Call Us to Your Helena Property!

When beginning fire damage restoration, the number one priority is reducing losses and damages, translating into hopefully lower costs. SERVPRO has the equipment, manpower, and training to ensure your Helena property gets the attention it needs after a fire event. Once we get done, everything will be “Like it never even happened.”

Once a fire happens, you should never waste time with DIY methods or leaving it to chance with lesser fire and smoke damage repair companies. SERVPRO offers the best when it comes to fire damage mitigation in Helena so that you get rapid results at an affordable price. We even assist with the claims process to make your life even easier.

Our Emergency Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup Includes:

  • Onsite arrival within hours to begin fire mitigation to help reduce secondary damages
  • Detailed explanation from our highly-skilled professionals of each step of the plan for house fire clean up
  • Pre-testing of surface areas and materials to determine restorability
  • Careful cleaning, restoration, and deodorizing your property using state of the art equipment and techniques
  • Final walkthrough after fire restoration gets completed to ensure your total satisfaction

Homeowners should know several important things to help prevent the need for house fire clean up, including:

  • Inspecting all heating sources
  • Checking on smoke alarms regularly
  • Ensuring that your dryer lint basket gets cleaned before each use
  • Maintaining all electrical cords
  • Never leaving a candle or cigarette unattended

Because some fires are unavoidable, you need fire damage mitigation you can trust. Contact SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls by calling (406) 458-6008, and we will have a crew dispatched.

Fire Damage Does Not Have to Break the Bank in Great Falls

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

odor suppressing pigmented paint on framing SERVPRO can spray Great Falls fire damaged structures with odor-suppressing pigmented paint. Why? Better air quality and prep for build back.

SERVPRO Handles Fire Restoration Fast to Limit Secondary Damage and Costs at Your Great Falls Property

The thought of having to restore your Great Falls home after a fire can be frightening and overwhelming. However, fires happen when you least expect them, and it is the way you act that counts most. SERVPRO has IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) who ensure fire damaged homes get cleaned up quickly.

Fire damage in Great Falls can occur due to unattended stovetop cooking, faulty wiring, human error, and more. The good news is that SERVPRO adjusts cleaning methods and techniques accordingly to achieve the best results with water & fire damage restorations regardless of the cause.

SERVPRO helps with:

  • Stubborn fire and smoke damage
  • Removal of charred debris during house fire clean up
  • Odor control and smoke remediation
  • Powerful air scrubber equipment to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) throughout the restoration
  • Controlled demolition, as needed

As mentioned above, odor control is a significant factor during fire damage restoration. Odorous particles move throughout the home, even into unaffected zones. Our deodorization process may include one or more of the following measures:

  • Confined space ventilation with the help of air movers, HEPA air filtration, or box fans to battle trapped odor particles.
  • Elimination of odors found in restrictive places with the help of activated oxygen units--ozone machines.
  • Fumigation with the help of ultra-low volume fogger technology (ULV).

You deserve rapid response with proven methods to handle the fire damage in your home. Our crew here at SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls is ready and available to get to work 24/7. Call us at (406) 458-6008 to dispatch our Green Fleet.

Best Practices in Helena to Handle Water Removal

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

servpro van parked at jobsite The SERVPRO van on the Helena water damaged job site means water removal will seem "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Has Certified Water Damage Technicians to Ensure Your Water Removal Job Moves Quickly!

Do you have water pouring into your Helena home from burst pipes in the middle of the night? It would help if you remain prepared by having a team ready to tackle your emergency services water damage needs. By keeping SERVPRO’s number handy, you can count on a 24/7 response that will help you to get your property restored faster.

Water removal in Helena involves a lot more than extracting standing water. Removing all hidden moisture that may have developed due to water migration is critical. SERVPRO technicians know how to follow the path of migration into nooks and crannies so that you do not have costly secondary damage or the onset of mildew and mold. With our detailed cleaning and sanitizing with EPA-registered products, you can rest assured that we do everything we can to eliminate the potential health effects that can arise if mold develops.

Take the Following Steps Until We Arrive:

  • Try to stop the source of the water
  • Use towels or blankets to keep water from moving into other rooms
  • If you possess a wet/dry vacuum, try to pull up as much water as possible
  • Turn on ceiling fans or box fans to circulate air

Once SERVPRO Arrives, We Will:

  • Scope the scene to formulate our assessment
  • Develop a course of action for water clean up
  • Begin extraction and drying measures
  • Determine if controlled demolition is necessary
  • Finish the job with detailed sanitization and deodorization

Water removal and water damage repairs handled by SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls will get you the best result – guaranteed! Call us at (406) 458-6008.

How Can Mold Removal Get Started for Great Falls Schools?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing near a wall outlet Smell musty mold? Contact our SERVPRO technicians to assess and remediate the mold infestation in your home or business.

Mold Growth Can Quickly Envelop Great Falls Buildings, Requiring Fast Remediation Strategies

Because of how devastating and potentially health-hazardous that mold development and spread can be in Great Falls homes and businesses, these organisms' presence in local schools could impact hundreds of people. Our SERVPRO professionals are highly experienced with mold removal tactics. They can begin implementing critical remediation steps as soon as possible to limit the movement of active colonization in the building. Some of the mold removal options our team uses include:

  • Surface sanding
  • Soda blasting
  • Antimicrobial cleaning
  • Controlled demolition

Can Black Mold Removal Include Odor Elimination for Great Falls Schools?

Another potential obstacle for remediators after mold damage in Great Falls schools and businesses is a harsh, musty odor. Active colonization can emit formidable smells which require potent cleaning products and powerful deodorization tools to overcome. We can utilize foggers, hydroxyl generators, and air scrubbers to reduce and remove these odors in large facilities.

Mold damage can be a difficult situation that property management should address as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls remediation team can mobilize quickly with these emergencies to help. Give us a call today at (406) 458-6008.

Can SERVPRO Overcome Flood Damage in Great Falls with Water Removal Services?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room Regardless as to why flooding occurred, water removal is essential. Call us at (406) 458-6008 for effective water removal and remediation services.

Standing Water Can be a Threatening Condition After Flooding in Great Falls Houses

Flooding is not an uncommon scenario for homes and businesses in the area, making the fast response of SERVPRO professionals vital to protect the property and its contents. Our Great Falls team works to begin flood restoration and mitigation services as soon as possible.

What Tools Are Ideal for Water Clean Up in Great Falls?

Flood damage for Great Falls homes often requires water removal services first before other flood restoration efforts can begin. Basement flooding cleanup starts by removing any surface pooling, which can be more complicated and involved than clean water removal. Because of floating debris and solids in floodwater, only specific extraction tools our SERVPRO team uses can be effective. Some of these include:

  • Trash pumps
  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Wet vacuums

Because of how quickly flood damage can spread in area homes, extraction and debris cleaning is critical. Our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team is ready to help 24/7 at (406) 458-6008.

How Can SERVPRO Overcome Bound Water in Materials of Your Great Falls Home?

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding buckets to catch water falling from her ceiling Burst pipes behind walls can make water damage that much harder. Contact team SERVPRO to investigate the situation and remediate the damage.

Burst Pipes and Leaks Can Lead to Water Trapped in Building Materials of Great Falls Properties

Because so many potential causes for water damage exist in area homes and businesses, water clean up is among the most common service callouts our SERVPRO team receives. We offer fast and reliable service to begin mitigation work in these situations, showcasing years of experience that our restoration team has for water damage remediation. Water disasters of varying types present unique obstacles for restorers, so establishing the kind of damage and the necessary restoration and recovery steps as soon as possible is critical to help with:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks 
  • Basement flooding
  • Emergency services water damage 
  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage remediation 

Water Removal Services for Standing Water Concerns

After burst pipes, ceiling leaks, and other types of water damage in Great Falls homes, water removal services are necessary. Often, professionals cannot calculate the full extent of a disaster's damage until surface water concerns are addressed by responding technicians from our SERVPRO team.

There are numerous machines and instruments in our recovery inventory to efficiently remove pooling water and begin subsequent water clean up and flood restoration, including truck-mount extractors, electric submersible pumps, trash pumps, and wet vacuums. Specialty weighted extractors and carpet wands can also help to prevent trapped water from becoming bound.

Drying Tools for Appropriate Water Clean Up

There is no mistaking that drying is among the most important steps to overcome water damage, which can also happen in several ways. Bound water can be a challenging obstacle for responding technicians, primarily because the composition of the affected material begins to degrade and deteriorate at this stage. Axial and centrifugal air movers directed at impacted surfaces can promote surface drying and evaporation. However, more direct measures are often necessary to overcome trapped moisture and water beyond these visible points.

The Injecti-Dry system and other positive and negative pressure systems work to infuse warm, dry air into structural cavities to promote evaporation and better protect exposed materials. The objective of using this multi-hose system and directly blasting air into these cavities is to reduce the need for tear-out and reconstruction.

Water Damage Repairs and Controlled Demolition

Despite the efficiency and efficacy of drying tools and devices to promote evaporation in structural cavities, there are circumstances where too much damage and degradation has occurred. Our general contractor license allows us to complete multiple water damage repairs and reconstruction services your home might require. Beginning with controlled demolition to remove ruined materials, we can begin reconstruction and build-back as soon as water clean up completes.

Bound water can often only get resolved by removing and replacing drywall, flooring, and other affected building materials. Between our general contractor license and our highly experienced Water Restoration Technician (WRT) team, you can count on SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls to help. We are available 24/7 at (406) 458-6008.

How Can SERVPRO Remove Smoke Odors from Great Falls Homes?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged roof Home damaged by a fire? Our SERVPRO team is standing by with fire damage remediation equipment.

Fire damage restoration in Great Falls hinges on appropriate cleaning and deodorization tactics

We appreciate how fast fire and smoke damage can spread through fire damaged homes and mobilize quickly after these emergencies to help. Often efficient mitigation and emergency services can limit the irreparable damage and destruction that post-fire effects can cause.

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire damaged homes
  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage

How Can Smoke Remediation Help Fire Damaged Homes in Great Falls?

The need for smoke remediation after fire damage in Great Falls homes and businesses is often universal.

Between partially combusted fuels that generate smoke and soot particles coating surfaces in the damaged portions of the property to lingering odors, we have multiple tools and products explicitly designed for remediating, neutralizing, and cleaning smoke damage and soil.

Regardless of how damaging a fire might become, our SERVPRO of Helena & Great Falls team has extensive training and experience in making it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (406) 458-6008.